Yeti Cohosting Employee Spotlight: Meet Sarah & Jesse

sarah and jesse of yeti cohosting

Here at Yeti Cohosting we truly believe that our employees form the backbone of our success. This is the second post in a series we’re doing about each of our top contributors. 

Today, meet Sarah and Jesse, a married couple that forms an incredible team. They’ve worked with us for 8 months now, and we just love them.

Basic Facts about Sarah & Jessee

  • They live in Reno and commute into Truckee
  • They had previous janitorial experience cleaning schools and big office buildings.
  • This is their first experience working with homes of any kind. 
  • They had to learn to drive in the snow! They’ve now become confident snow drivers because they’re now behind the wheel of a four-wheel-drive truck. We got them a Subaru to use as a company car and let them drive it home to Reno, so they use it for the commute. We know they’re reliable and have a great work ethic, so we don’t mind doing this for them!
  • They split their time between our houses and our commercial accounts, specifically our school accounts. 

There was a learning curve for homes, but one thing we love about this power couple is their willingness to learn anything at all. They’re exceptionally detail-oriented! 

Q&A with Sarah & Jessee

How long have you lived in Reno?

We’ve lived in Reno for 13 years.

What do you love about working in Truckee?

It’s a nice drive from Reno. We love the scenery. 

What are some of your biggest challenges, living in Reno and working in Truckee?

The construction sometimes has an impact on our drive time! 

What made you want to work for Yeti?

We really appreciate the flexible schedules and the ability to work together. Compared to our previous role, we are able to take shorter shifts when we need to. The times we’re able to show up are a lot more flexible and we can sometimes choose whether to work weekdays or weekends.

This is important to us because we’ve been able to take time off when we’ve needed to. We really feel like Yeti has prioritized our health and our doctor’s appointments.

How does technology and your company phone help you do your job better?

Yeti uses a great app to help us manage our work. This helps us tremendously during our commute as it tells us exactly where to show up, when we need to show up there, and for how long we’re expected to be there. 
There are also checklists for each home, and we get notifications of any necessary changes. 

Finally, we can use our phone to take photos of anything that needs attention, like maintenance problems we’re not qualified to fix.

All of this makes our work run very smoothly. 

If you had to choose one, winter or summer in Truckee, which would you choose, and why?

Summer! The roads are drier, there are fewer accidents from heavy rain and snowfall. Plus it’s warmer.

What makes you a great fit for this job?

We’re reliable, we take pride in our work, and we’re very flexible when we’re required to make changes. We understand the importance of being on time, and we understand the importance of remaining on-site until the job is finished.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

We advocate for the wrongfully convicted. It’s an organization that we volunteer with. One of our family members is among the wrongfully convicted so this is a cause that is especially close to our heart. 

We also enjoy family time, playing with our three dogs, or making road trips through the state of Nevada. Sometimes we also enjoy road tripping down to the coast. For example, we just drove Hwy 1 with our dogs! 

Do you like working with Yeti?

We really enjoy working for Yeti! Ken and Danielle make working for them easy. We’ve got no regrets. 

Stay tuned to meet our other hardworking Yeti employees!  Have you met Maria yet?