10 Truckee-North Tahoe Short Term Rental Vacation Homeowner Tips

  1. Make your home a smart home. Smart vacation rentals are much easier to manage than old-fashioned ones.  Consider features like:
    • Exterior cameras
    • Smartlocks & exterior lighting
    • Nest thermostat heating cooling system
    • Ring doorbell
    • Wifi-enabled hot tubs. They save energy while regulating temps!
  2. Be water safe.  Prevent pipes freezing and floods:
    • Get your water shut off valve inspected by a professional
    • Make sure the valve is updated to new code requirements 
    • Shut off water in the winter months or when your home is not in use for longer than 2 weeks
  3. Secure trash and recycling while avoiding extra fees
    • Have a plan for avoiding overage charges for excessive trash
    • All boxes and all recyclables should be in blue secured bags separate from your 33-gallon trash bins in your bear box
    • Use your free 6 yards of green waste allotment each season
    • Take advantage of the new green waste drop-off located next to the rodeo arena.
  4. Save money with insulating window coverings and get these benefits
    • Ensure privacy 
    • Keep heat in during the winter and sun out during the summer
  5. Make sure snow doesn’t block your guests’ way!
    • Secure your plow service early in the fall to get the best price possible
    • Stay on top of snow removal from decks, walkways, and hot tubs.
    • Know the snow load of your roof
    • Shovel roofs during heavy snow load years
    • Keep extra shovels and brooms for snow and ice removal in high traffic areas 
  6. Be fire safe and keep your home insurance
    • Do a spring clean up each year to ensure defensible space around the perimeter of your home
    • Convert to a gas stove or fireplace. Wood burning stoves for fireplaces are more expensive and harder to insure in many areas in Tahoe
    • Buy a protective metal mesh covering for outdoor gas firepits to block needles, pine cones, and other ignitable debris from sparking a wildfire
  7. Take care of your driveway.
    • Driveways should be resealed every 2 years to prevent the pavement from drying out
    • Repair all cracks and potholes
    • Pressure wash your driveway every spring and summer to keep those rodents and pests away
    • Make sure wasp and hornet traps are set and re-bated every few weeks. They should be placed in high sun exposure areas around the outdoor living areas like patios and decks
    • Inspect and identify points of entry for mice and squirrels regularly
    • Fill any cracks or exposed openings with raw material like wood, Quikrete, silicon, metal scrub brush material
    • Move wood piles back so they are at least 30ft from the house since firewood piles are great nesting spots for rodents
  8. Maintain your irrigation
    • Irrigation should be winterized in the fall and turned back on in late spring
    • Check irrigation every spring for loose or broken drip fittings
    • Inspect sprinkler heads for damage
    • Check for burn spots and move irrigation for better coverage if needed
  9. Professionally wash your windows every spring and fall to keep a clear view from all vantage points in your home
    • Pressure wash the exterior of your home to knock down dirt grime and debris
    • Remove and clean all screens
    • Hand clean windows with 0000 steel wool and squeegee
    • Only work on windows while they are not in direct sun