We Use These Software Packages to Create an Amazing Homeowner Experience


Considering Yeti Cohosting services? We invest heavily in technology to make sure that our homeowners have an incredible experience with us. That’s because we believe an incredible homeowner experience leads to an incredible guest experience, which in turn leads to more money in your pocket! We care about both you and your guests and work hard to make everything run smoothly.

We rely on two software packages to make it happen. We wouldn’t be as effective as we are without these two programs.



This program lets both our homeowners and our cleaners communicate with us about getting the rental cleaned. It’s the app we use to let us know that our employees are doing what we’ve asked them to do.

There are no assumptions. You know your cleaner is going to get the job done right and has done it right because of the level of detail we can provide about the home that needs to be cleaned.

What makes someone a good cleaner? A structured process.

Everything happens in real time, so it makes us, the Yeti owners, feel like we are there with our staff, even when we’re not. We feel integrated with everything that’s going on.

Here’s what we love about this app.

  • The cleaner gets an actual cleaning checklist, with photos of actual items in that specific home, such as the house or microwave. Everything is specific to the property.
  • We get a time stamp when the cleaner arrives, as well as one for when the cleaner leaves. They take time-stamped photos while they’re there. The homeowner can always see that the cleaners were at the house at a specific day and time. It tracks the progress of each assigned clean.
  • Cleaners accept the assigned cleans, and let us know when the clean is 100% done and ready for inspection.
  • Cleaners can take photos of maintenance issues, which we can then work on resolving. It’s easy to send real-time updates to the owner about maintenance issues, and they can then let Yeti know they’re on it.
  • Yeti can assign work with Google Maps and send rental info like door codes and notes on specific house functions, all through the app. 
  • We can ask the cleaners to add photos of supplies so we can reorder any necessary supplies.
  • It includes just-in-time tracking for billing clients. 
  • It offers the ability to create real-time comments and photos within the CRM for all house managers to see. This is like Gchat, or Slack, or text messages. The whole thread is there and easy to reference. Danielle of Yeti can respond while the cleaner is in the house, quickly resolving issues. 
  • The app gives our workforce their assignments ahead of time and can make easy, real-time changes and updates if something logistically happens, such as a guest that checks out early, a guest that checks out late, construction re-routes that can slow the cleaners down, snow closures, and more.
  • The app functions in both English and Spanish. This is important because some of the Yeti employees can’t read English, though they all speak it. 



In the vacation rental industry pricing can vary wildly based on season rates and other influences. Keeping up with those fluctuations helps you maximize your return on revenue (ROR). Pricelabs helps us do that for you, increasing occupancy by keeping pricing on-point. 

Automation is key

It would be nearly impossible to do this without the power of automation. There’s too much to do otherwise. Bookings tend to come in between 1 AM and 6 AM, making it even harder. That’s not the time to be messing around with manual pricing, though the app always lets you make manual changes when you need to.

The software gets updated every 24 hours based on what other properties within a couple of miles’ radius are doing for pricing and occupancy, as well as the number of people who are looking to book.

Adjust your goals for short or long-term rentals

You can adjust your goal to target certain kinds of rentals. For example, we’ve been able to book guests staying for 28 days at a time, which was never possible before using this software. 

Some houses are, of course, really great, and will book easier. Other homes require you to get more creative and targeting the right rental period can help you get more bookings.

For a more optimum cleaning schedule, you can set check-ins so that they’re accepted Monday through Friday only. That helps with cleaning logistics. The app also lets you set restrictions on the number of days booked, from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 30 days. Limiting the days of the week that guests can book maximizes occupancy and creates urgency. Urgency is the number one reason someone books your vacation rental! 

Seasonality is important for rentals

Setting specific seasonal rate ranges to low, medium, or high for each season can help you automate the process further. In Tahoe:

  • The high seasons are the winter and summer months. This depends on snowfall but it’s as early as Thanksgiving if the snow falls early. Typically it’s December 15th through April 15th. Summer is usually June 15th to Labor Day weekend. During a warm early fall, this can extend to the end of September.
  • Spring shoulder season typically runs from April 15th to May 25th. If it’s still cold this will start around Memorial Day weekend and bookings won’t pick up until June 15th. 
  • The fall shoulder season runs from October 1st to November 20th.

We use trends from peak booking months to maximize your ROR. 

Adjust based on what rentals around you are doing

This program also provides us with real-time neighborhood graphical data for pricing based on the bedroom count per rental within miles of your vacation rental. This really allows you to become very competitive. Your competitors are other rentals with the same number of bedrooms within 1 mile of your property. You can break down stats of comps and how they are priced vs. the rate of occupancy. This allows you to see the threshold point, the sweet spot for your median dynamic price range.

Aggressive vacation rental marketing

We can also use this software to launch aggressive marketing campaigns, last-minute discounts, and to get extra views of your listing which will then fill gaps in your schedule. 

Algorithms track local events that can impact revenue earned due to increased demand. If there is a festival or concert or another event that people might want to go to, our program knows about it and helps us account for it.

Technology plus expertise equals a great experience for our homeowners!

It’s not enough to have the software. It takes expertise to turn these programs to your advantage. That’s where the team at Yeti Home Services comes in. We make these programs work for you so you make more money with less hassle. 

Contact us today if you’re ready to find out how we can help make your rental experience easier and more convenient.

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