Best Places To Do Yoga In The Truckee/Tahoe Area – Outdoors Or Indoors!

yoga on a donner lake pier in truckee

Yoga goes with every single outdoor activity in Truckee! It’s the perfect before-or-after care for a day of skiing, hiking, or other outdoor activities. 

Yoga works you through a series of stretches in a focused, careful way. This means you’re going to be more limber and less prone to injury when you hit the slopes or the lake.

The benefits aren’t just physical. If you’ve come to the Truckee/Tahoe area to relax, then yoga can really help. You’ll release stress while getting more in-tune with your mind and your body.

Here are Danielle’s favorite spots.

Outdoor Yoga

1. Donner Lake Docks in Truckee

If you don’t need a formal yoga class then this is a gorgeous place to get going. 

Donner Lake is the spot for early birds, because the water is nice and calm in the morning. Later in the day this spot can turn turns a little too windy (and crowded) for a pleasant yoga experience.

Drive past the Tahoe Donner Marina and pick the first available dock you see, or perhaps walk from your Donner Lake rental (one of our highest rated Donner Lake rentals is Donner Lake Dawnner Haven). All of the docks are great! You can enjoy mountain views in every direction, and you might even catch sight of the train going by.

yoga on a donner lake dock in truckee

2. Any Reservoir or Lake on Your Paddleboard! 

Danielle really loves paddleboarding and doing yoga out on her paddleboard. Pick your favorite spot for paddleboarding and incorporate your yoga practice! It’s a great way to work on your balance. Again, you’re going to want to get out there in the early morning since the wind picks up in the afternoon. 

yoga on a paddleboard in truckee at donner lake

3. Moon Dunes Beach in Tahoe Vista

If you’d like to enjoy a crystal-clear beach on the banks of Lake Tahoe then head out to Moon Dunes. If you want to find a good parking spot you’ll want to go out there in the morning. Or, walk or ride your e-bike there from your North Lake Tahoe or Kings Beach Airbnb. We love this Kings Beach vacation rental for the walkability.

Enjoy a nice stroll over the dune and then find a nice flat spot next to the water. Jump in the lake when you’ve finished your yoga workout!

4. Lower River BBQ at Truckee Regional Park 

Does it sound like an odd spot? 

Here’s the deal. Right next to Truckee River and the Legacy Trail you’ll find a huge lawn right next to the river. It’s peaceful, it’s serene, and the river flows by as you practice. Later in the season, you can even hop in for a nice, calm swim. 

Mornings are, again, often your best bet here. Sometimes this lawn gets rented out for parties or weddings later in the day.

This is just an e-bike ride away from our Sierra Meadows vacation rentals, like the Glass House.

Indoor Studio Yoga

If you prefer an indoor studio experience you’ll have plenty of options. Here are Danielle’s two favorites.

1. Namaste Holistic Healing and Yoga Center in Truckee

Enjoy small, intimate classes with a teacher who has time to focus on each and every student. Namaste offers both virtual and in-person classes. Still want to do your yoga outdoors? They sometimes offer yoga classes outside, too! 

You’ll find Namaste in historic downtown in an old building that will make you feel like you’re getting a taste of Old Town Truckee at the same time. 

After class, you’ll have a variety of places to grab food within walking distance of your workout.  

Check their website for the latest class information.

Here’s one more benefit of joining the class at Namaste: while you’re there you can schedule a massage with their amazing massage therapists.

Don’t worry about being an out-of-towner. Namaste excels at delivering a warm, welcoming vibe. You won’t be a stranger by the time you finish your first class!

yoga at namaste truckee

2. Tahoe Yoga & Wellness in Truckee

Tahoe Yoga & Wellness offers a wide variety of classes that offer a little bit for everyone. This is an especially great spot for beginners because they have amazing methods for easing newcomers into the yoga experience. 

Don’t have basic gear? No problem! They have clothes and mats that you can rent when you join up. Like Namaste, they’re ready to serve a variety of people who are in from out of town and who want to try new things. 

Try it! You may love it!

Never done yoga before? Your Truckee-Tahoe vacation is the perfect time to fall in love with a new exercise. And when you’re all done? Experience the best of shopping in Truckee!