Our Favorite Places to Shop in Truckee


Rainy day? Rest day? Legs recovering from a hike? 

Why not take the time to discover all the awesome shopping establishments Truckee has to offer? This town has everything from cute clothes to crafts and activities that will keep you occupied for hours.

The stock in these stores changes constantly, so there’s always something to discover! For example, at Mountain Hardware they have these really great displays that change out seasonally. You can’t walk by a table without something catching your eye. There’s always something new to grab your attention. Most of these places are just like that, which means shopping in Truckee is never boring! 

Plus, all this shopping is just an e-bike ride away from many of our Truckee vacation rentals, like the Glass House in Sierra Meadows, Dawnner Haven at Donner Lake, or our Northwoods vacation rental in Tahoe Donner.

Shopping for Home Goods in Truckee

Mountain Hardware

Mountain Hardware is a store like no other. You can find a little bit of everything here!

In addition to hardware basics, you’ll find home goods, kitchen gadgets, fishing supplies, mountain clothing, auto supplies, and outdoor furniture.

Need to stock up for your mountain vacation? This is absolutely the place to do it. Grab a sun hat, snag some snow boots, or carry home some camping supplies.

We’ve found plenty of great products here, including pictures for the walls of our rental homes, pillows for the couches, mountain decor, and patio furniture.

The best thing about Mountain Hardware is the staff, though. You never have to hunt someone down to ask a question like you would at a big box hardware store. Instead, you meet with friendly, knowledgeable people who care about what they do. Mountain Hardware is 100% employee-owned, and the difference really shows.

Mountain Living Home Consignment

Looking for home goods? This lovely location has a little bit of everything, and every product is unique. It’s our go-to stop for furniture that sells for far less than retail.

Our best find here was a really cool couch. We loved the color. We loved the fabric. It wasn’t just the classic mountain decor either. It was more modern, and a little bit different than the stuff we’ve been able to find at most home stores.

We also found the perfect tall bedroom dresser for another rental. 

Cool snowshoe wall decor? Absolutely! A photo of the river downtown? We put that one in our own bedroom.

Every time we’ve gone the staff has been super helpful from the moment we walked in the door. They let us know they were there to help but they’ll give space if you just want to wander around and explore. They know everything about their products. 

The delivery was good, and they helped move the items into the house. Their delivery service really does make doing business with them so easy. 

When selecting products to sell, Mountain Living Consignment focuses on quality and value. They offer a good range of selections to fit every budget. You never know what you’ll find, so stop on by! 

Shopping For Kids in Truckee

Mountain Kids

Mountain Kids is a consignment shop that sells baby and children’s clothing, as well as some women’s clothing. They also have some brand new items. 

This is Yeti owner, Danielle’s, favorite store in town! 

Don’t be fooled by the name. The women’s items are not to be missed. We’ve found shoes, clothes, even Patagonia jackets on sale for a quarter of the retail price. Mountain Kids thought of everything. They knew Mom might want to do a little shopping while taking the kids out!

The kid’s section is nothing short of amazing. There’s a huge gift area with lots of hands-on toys. The toys run the gamut: arts and crafts, costumes, books, sand toys, gardening toys, pool toys, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, puzzles, bath toys, pacifiers, even cribs and play gates for people who are renting a place and need some baby items on-site. Rainy day? Take the kids here and find them something that will keep them occupied in your vacation rental

There are other gifts too. Hats, glasses, candles, and jewelry. Best of all, many of these gifts are local. 

Want to sell something on consignment? They take consignment goods between the 1st and the 14th of the month, and they take it seasonably. This means they always have the right goods in season. 

Jack + Emmy

This children’s boutique offers organic goods made right here in the USA. All of the products are higher-end, and all of them are all new.

Looking for adorable kids clothes? Jack + Emmy has some of the coolest stuff you’ll ever find. You’ll even find the cutest shirts that say “Tahoe” or “Truckee,” if you’re looking for some clothing that will help you commemorate your vacation.

The owner is a local mom of two, who has been in business for about four years. The store’s actually named for her kids! 

Being a mom herself really gives her an incredible eye and tells her exactly what to stock. You can find shoes, underwear, clothes, and jackets. She stocks a few books and toys, too. Everything is high-quality and beautifully made.

She’s super friendly, too! She knows everything about the products she’s selected, from where they’re from to how they are made.

If you happen to be in town over the holidays, you’re in luck. She creates some of the most amazing gift baskets for kids. These are custom-created for whatever holiday you’re celebrating: Easter, Halloween, the 4th of July, you name it. You tell her how old the child is, and she’ll use that eye for design that she has to create an awesome bundle for your child. 

Want a style box instead? No problem. You can take a style survey on behalf of your child and she’ll curate a box especially for you. This service alone is worth the visit, especially if you’re trying to get a child ready for the back-to-school season. You might just send them back as the best-dressed kid in class. 

Shopping for Gifts in Truckee

Truckee Variety Co.

This is the perfect stop for vacationers who are looking for souvenirs. They have plenty of Truckee and Tahoe products, and they carry a wide variety of items.

This includes candy, activities for the kids, gifts, games, arts, and crafts. There are lots of inexpensive art supplies, as well as more intricate crafts. 

Visit before you hit your rental, since you’ll find lots of things to do while you’re cozy in your cabin.

Visit before you leave so you can pick up mugs, shot glasses, shirts, and other items to commemorate your vacation. Want a souvenir sweatshirt that says “Truckee?” You can find it here.

This store is packed wall-to-wall with amazing items so leave yourself plenty of time. We’ve wandered around this store for hours, and you might just want to do the same. 


If you’re looking for craft supplies, Atelier’s a great option. You can find sewing supplies, macrame supplies, drawing supplies, and more. If you want to curl up in your cabin and teach yourself how to complete a craft they’ll sell you everything you need to learn. 

Everything they sell is super-high quality, and the staff knows their wares inside and out. It’s almost impossible to walk into Atelier without finding something creative you might want to do.

Just want to pick up some activities for the kids? They have really fun adult and kid drawing books, which means you and your children can make art together. These are great for travelers on the road, too. They’re a compact way to spend some time. 

Pick up a few things from Atelier, and you’ll have things to entertain the family for hours. Perfect for winter evenings at the cabin, or stormy days by the fire.

Know someone crafty who would have a ton of fun with Atelier products? Just pick up a gift card! They make their own right in-store, using a giant printer right on site. Not every craft store is quite so creative! 

The Tip of the Truckee Iceberg

While these are some of our favorite shopping destinations, the truth is that Truckee is all but bursting with cool places to spend a few hours looking for goods you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

We really do live and work in one of the coolest areas in the world, and we’re excited every time we get the chance to share everything Truckee has to offer with our guests.

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