Yeti Cohosting Vendor Spotlight Series: Meet Truckee Laundry


Yeti Cohosting is not an island unto itself. We’re a part of a larger community that works together to support one another’s successes.

That’s why we’re proud to showcase the vendors that help us take care of our customers. 

So meet Truckee Laundry, the area’s newest laundromat. In addition to offering a coin-based laundry facility, they offer Wash & Fold services, along with a mail center on site. Owner Scott Ferguson was raised in the Bay Area and came to Truckee after attending school in Chico.

They were instrumental in solving some major laundry challenges for us!

Our Challenge

Relying on homeowner machines was not proactive. Many potential issues could arise when turning over a property frequently. 

Many of the properties had a lot of beds, which meant lots of linens. Washing them on-site just wasn’t helping them get washed well or efficiently. As we grew it was not an efficient use of our time and workforce to wash linens onsite.  

It was also important to find a way to put less wear and tear on the owners’ washing machines. 

When we speak of “linens,” by the way, we’re not just talking about bedsheets. We’re also talking about bathmats, towels, and kitchen towels. That’s a lot of laundry! Imagine how many linens are in your own home, and then multiply that by ten. You’ll start to get an idea of what we were up against. 

For a little while, we tried setting up a commercial washer and dryer in our own home, just so we could bring all the linens there and wash them. Our commercial wash set up worked great until we grew too large for our home space to accommodate the amount of laundry we needed to do. There was no way to get everything washed in a timely manner. We needed a commercial facility.

Working with Truckee Laundry was an organic way to continue to grow our business in a positive way. And we got to support another local business too, which we loved!

Truckee Laundry’s Solution

Now, we drop off all our linens at Truckee Laundry. Every bag we drop off is labeled by the home so they can keep track. They wash the laundry, dry it, fold it, label it, and bag it with each home’s information. When we pick it up, they help us load the bags which means they can be driven out to each home. 

To help each clean be successful, we now set up all our houses with at least three sets of linens. 

We now take the dirty linens off-site at turnover, place clean linens on the bed, bring the dirty set to Truckee Laundry, and know that they’ll be ready to be replaced when we bring them back. Now the process is seamless for us.

We love working with Truckee Laundry because they improve our efficiency and guest/homeowner satisfaction. The beds look much better when they are made since the sheets have been washed, dried, and folded professionally. Besides using their wash service, we also send our employees to use the machines to wash, dry, and fold in their amazing facility. 

Because  Truckee Laundry is so amazing we can text them with a last minute load and they have always accommodated us. They’ve always helped us solve last minute issues by phone or by text. Basically, we feel like they’ll do anything they can do to help out if we’re in a bind, which means if you’re looking for a new go-to laundry service you should really give them a try. They’ll probably help you, too! 

truckee laundry facility

Questions for Truckee Laundry’s Owner, Scott Ferguson

What do you love about Truckee-Tahoe?

“I love the clean air, healthy living, and great schools. I also love all the mountain biking, fishing, skiing and hiking opportunities surrounding us.”

What’s the most important thing about running your business?

“I enjoy knowing that nobody can take anything away from me. It’s up to me to make a go at it and succeed.”

What does it take for your team to provide such fast service?

“We were fortunate to work with a lot of people over the years who taught us how to work. We had mentors who showed us what it takes to get stuff done. Productivity and expediency are all about pulling up your sleeves and getting to work. Keeping it fun helps, too!” 

truckee laundry delivery van

How has Covid changed your business practices?

“We didn’t have to make a whole lot of changes. We’ve always strived to provide a very clean setting. This helped us from the beginning.” 

What challenges have you overcome in running your business?

“The biggest thing was making sure we don’t fit the mold of a typical laundromat. Our coin changer gives the proper amount 100% of the time. All of our equipment is well-kept and runs properly. We don’t let people abuse the facility. We want Truckee Laundry to be a place you can bring your kids and actually have a decent time doing the laundry.”

Tell us about your team?

“It took two of us to make this happen. I have a partner, Aaron Harris, who is the Ying to my Yang. We are 50-50 in everything and together we make it happen. This wasn’t even close to being possible without both of us.”

How do you keep your team motivated to perform at a high level?

“We keep it fun and challenging. We also offer four-day work weeks, which Aaron and I think should be standard for the country. We have the best team in Ketric and Jennah and wouldn’t change anything for the world. We love what we do!”

Want to check out what Truckee Laundry has to offer for yourself?

Visit to learn more.