What Is Cohosting, and Why Is it the Best Option for Property Owners?

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Own a property? Wondering what cohosting is and how it can help?

Cohosting is a service that helps you market and logistically manage your bookings. As your cohosts, we can also help you manage your guests’ experience during their stay so you don’t have to, messaging and interacting with them, managing concierge requests, and providing security monitoring services from the exterior of your home.

The end result? A better way to manage and operate your rental, one that doesn’t require quite so much time and effort from you. Even better, cohosting often allows you to make more money with your rental, cabin, or AirBnB. For one thing, we’re able to respond and be on-site more quickly than most homeowners can, and can handle issues for you as they arise.

Cohosting Smooths Out Logistical Issues

Hosting comes with a lot of logistical issues. Providing top-tier service can be a full-time job.

Just think of everything that goes into the hosting experience:

  • Responding to guest requests in a timely fashion.
  • Staffing.
  • Messaging.
  • Monitoring the exterior of the listing for county STR compliance.
  • Booking fees.
  • Refunds.
  • Change requests.
  • Instituting structured cleaning procedures and disinfecting processes.

These are all things that go into earning the coveted AirBnB superhost status. It’s almost impossible to do without a cohost unless you are planning on making hosting into your full-time job. Someone always needs to have their boots on the ground, watching what’s happening in real time. 

Guests also really appreciate having visible contact with someone who can help them. Yet you won’t be in the dark. As cohosts, we do offer owners full visibility on these interactions so that you’re aware how your property and your guests are being handled.

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Say Good-bye to Staffing Woes

Finding staff is another issue that we can solve as cohosts. The short term rental industry often drives the local population away from certain cities, making housing less affordable for staff members. We already have staff who are stable, so we’re able to train them on each homeowner’s listing, ensuring the same crew cleans the listing each time. That provides a more thorough clean and inspection vs. companies that are forced to struggle with a much higher employee turnover, or who have no choice but to hire subcontractors. 

We also pay our people a living wage of $17-$22 an hour to ensure they can continue to remain in the area, all while providing our employees with other benefits, such as winter tires, chains, and vehicle servicing to make absolutely sure they can get to and from your listings on-time, and safely.

As a result? We’re staffed 24/7/365, our employees are loyal, and we’re never not on call. These are expenses that most homeowners, who may own just 1-4 properties at a time, usually can’t absorb on their own.

The Personal Touch: An Example

Imagine being able to drop off gifts or personal items, or being able to anticipate a guest’s needs. Here’s a recent example.

Our client’s guests were arriving and we knew it was their daughter’s birthday that day. So we made a special trip over to the property to drop off s’mores kits with all the fixings so the guests could have perfect s’mores with their daughter on her birthday.

Furthermore, we went out to the property both to turn on the firepit and to turn it safely back off again when they were done.

Had we not interacted with that guest we wouldn’t have been able to do that. There would have been a lot of chances for messages to get misconstrued across time and distance. Many of our homeowners live 2,000 miles away from their rental properties and just can’t accommodate requests like that on their own!

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Case Study: The Payoff of Cohosting Services

“I can not explain enough how Ken and Danielle have changed my hosting experience. They are amazing! I went from never wanting to rent my house out when I was using bigger firms (Vacasa, etc.) to loving being an AirBnB host. Ken and Danielle take care of just about everything and do it with a smile. I’m about as harsh a critic as they come, so for me to be impressed with someone, I promise, says a lot!”

Tyler Stewart

Tyler’s cabin once made $28,000 a year. Now she makes $55,000 a year on her property. We got her to Super Host status in the first year. She is now seeing the payoff of 50 5-star stays and increased occupancy rates. We did this in the middle of a pandemic. That included through 4-5 months of closures where we were unable to operate her STR due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our Story

Yeti started when we began AirBnBing our own home. This gave us a better understanding of the issues that property owners face and prompted us to begin cohosting.

Owners love the extra attention and the way we’re able to make their homes a priority. They appreciate the added support. It allows them to step away and make the money on their investment without all the headaches of logistics and guest management.

How are your short-term rental properties doing? Are you enjoying the experience? Are you making the money you hoped to make? If you aren’t, contact us today. Double your income while making your STR experience easier than ever. What’s not to love? 

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